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Holistic Multisensory Experiences


Five different 3D interactive experiences 

Customized for five different age groups, and screened at schools across the country. During Middle to High school, each student is exposed to different subjects that together address the fabric of their lives.


In-School screenings

Reach all students wherever they are.  LCE mobile units, equipped with trained staff and sophisticated technological equipment set out every day to remote towns and villages. Within two hours, any school hall or community center becomes a state of the art theater. 


App and Internet activities

Five internet experiences engage students for six weeks after the initial LCE movie. These activities promote absorption of key messages for a significant period and then again every year for five years.


Built-in Research

Each LCE program includes a research component that collects key knowledge and opinion data- before, during and after the program. In this way, continuing impact of LCE programs on the lives of youth is measured. LCE uses this data to make programmatic changes when necessary to better help students.


Cooperation with Other Organizations 

We collaborate with other professional organizations that also serve the students. This way the impact is further magnified and the behavior changes are even more pronounced.








While each year students participate in a different LCE program, all of the programs reinforce the same key message: You have the power and responsibility to 

                                             Choose wisely, Create positively, and Succeed in life!

Saving young lives worldwide



Teens, by their nature, pursue excitement.  Drugs, alcohol, dangerous driving, bullying lure them every single day. Harmful choices in these situations lead to thousands of teens deaths and millions of injuries every year worldwide.


Car Crashes

Every day 7 US teens (ages 16 to 19) die in car crashes and 812 are treated in emergency departments.



22.7% of US high school seniors smoked marijuana the last year, compared to 16.3% who smoked cigarettes.  



Every year, more than 190,000 US teens (under age 21) visit an emergency room for alcohol-related injuries.  More than 8 million teens aged 12–20 (22%) reported drinking alcohol in the past month.



160,000 teens stay home from school every day because of fear of bullying.



Through a series of 3-D, interactive, multi-media Edu-tainment programs, consistently delivered to teens in schools every year through the six most

formative years of their lives, grades 6-12, Life Changing Experiences (LCE) capitalizes on teenagers’ natural pursuit of excitement and teaches

them to:

Choose wisely in the many life endangering activities luring them.

Create exciting positive pursuits for their lives in place of negative ones.

Succeed with a new suite of life and business skills.


Holistic Approach

LCE programs' advantages and strengths.  

There is not only one area, which endangers young lives. In fact, we must address a "fabric" of hazardous behaviors, which span from a variety of areas,  “feeding” each other and creating a vicious circle. At the same time, we must guide the students to become community leaders and entrepreneurs.

Life Changing Experiences (LCE) saves teenage lives and inspires their productive lives by measurably diminishing the life-endangering behaviors and inspiring them to Choose wisely, Create positively, and Succeed in life.


Life Changing Experiences delivers high quality, 3-D, multimedia Edu-tainment program with follow-up app based activities that address life threatening activities luring teenagers today.   Alternatively, the programs help them to discover thier unique skills to enable them to create a successful business or social enterprises. Every year from six to 12th grade we to inspire teens to 

Choose wisely, Create positively, and Succeed for life

The Holistic Solution

This is how we do it

Life Changing Experiences (LCE) saves teenage lives and inspires their productive lives by measurably diminishing the life-endangering behaviors and encouraging them to Choose wisely, Create positively, and Succeed in life.

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