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License to Dream supports young dreamers to become successful entrepreneurs by using the “Sunflower model” created by Rob Ryan, a pioneer in the high tech industry. His tech company enjoyed a record-setting growth and acquisition. He has launched a string of other successful companies through mentoring and formulating winning strategies including the “Sunflower Model”.


L2D Program guides students in thinking creatively, practically, systematically, and inviting them to create their own companies or organizations. The program teaches students how to collaborate with their peers, strategize and look for competitive edge. License to Dream enables schools to give students tangible, added value that will enrich their education and potentially their life. This multi-sensory modality designed the accomplish business mentors guide the students through a unique series of experiences in which they participate actively and are fully engaged.


With the help of our App, students will transform their innovative ideas into a business plan. Rob in the Box is our advance AI (Artificial Intelligence) chat system feature that stored the knowledge of Rob Ryan. Students can ask questions about the entrepreneurial process and they will get an instant answer. Working through the App structured steps, students can formulate  and present their ventures ideas on this dedicated web platform.


Diminishing the life endangering behaviors such as bullying, drugs & unsafe driving is only one side of the equation. This program inspires and empowers entrepreneurial behavior by generating excitement and injecting constructive behaviors. Teens' adrenaline is channeled to creative thinking and to building a business or a social initiative. Their success is the community success.



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