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LCE programs are divided into two categories  


The "Choose" Programs 












These programs target grades six through ten and focus on helping teens navigate societal pressures. LCE’s programs are not onetime events. They operate together as a multiyear, continuous campaign where students are revisited on annually and exposed to further life changing choices thus creating a long-term effect. Messages are reinforced every year allowing students to choose wisely, create opportunities and succeed in life.


The "Create" Programs 












These programs target grades six through twelve and focus on helping teens turn their knowledge of making positive choices into creating exciting activities for themselves.  

Program outcomes are achieved through three core values based on Best Practice guidelines:


Consistency:  Once is not enough.  Twice isn’t even good enough to overcome the lure of life endangering behaviors faced by teens.  They need to consistently be reminded year after year to choose wisely, create positively and succeed in life.  Over the six most formative years of a teenager’s life, grades six through twelve, LCE programs consistently deliver common messages around positive choices and new sets of life skills.


Technology/Active Learning LCE Edutainment programs are developed by an award winning multimedia entertainment industry producer in collaboration with successful entrepreneurs and utilize the latest 3-D technologies, interactive tools that reinforce programs messages and values.


Continuous Improvement:  Teens are smart.  The allure of life endangering behaviors is strong.  Programs that address these important issues need to adapt and change with teens.  The built-in data collection capability in all LCE programs not only help schools work with their students more effectively, but it is also allows LCE to continuously improve its programs so they achieve the desired outcomes.

































                     *work in progress: currently applicable for 2 programs


LCE uses the best data collection and analysis methodologies possible. To accomplish that the creators partnered with external research groups such as Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Mexico’s Council for injury prevention, Mishtanim Research Institute and more to evaluate the LCE’s programs. Data is being collected for every one of LCE program. Before the experience, students use handheld automatic response systems to complete anonymous electronic surveys describing their current behaviors and expressing their personal views. Then, they will watch a cinematic storytelling using multi-sensory 3D technology to reinforce, engage and deliver the content. This whole experience turns into a life changing experience, which potentially transforms young lives and saves young  lives. At the end of the in-school experience, students complete a second electronic survey. This allows us to measure their intentions to make behavioral change.


The collected data is  processed and analyzed by experts. Awareness, learning and intentional behavioral changes are measured.  We do not just talk about change we demonstrate impact.  In addition, we measure student satisfaction from the program and evaluate the rating of those programs. FEEDBACK is built in the program. The information collected is extremely valuable to the school's teachers and parents.  This information helps to continuously improve and enrich LCE programs, so it will continue to be  life changing for our youth.

LCE Impact Research




Alcohol and Other Drugs

Safe Driving

Choose wisely, Create positively, and Succeed for life! 


NEW: How 2 B a good person?    

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