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"Our multi-facet approach is practical and provides substantial benefit to the neighborhoods and communities we serve."

Strengthening educational, social and moral outcomes of children, youth and families.

                YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE




We bring LIFE or vigor to children and youth through our programs and services that develop the skills, knowledge, and dispositions necessary for parents, educators, and clinicians as it pertains to the nurturing, education and development of children and youth.    


We offer HOPE to children, youth, and their families through community resources and programs that share or advance our mission to strengthen their educational, social and moral outcomes. 


Children and Parent Resource Groups' nonprofit status and educational mission allow us to be a CHARITABLE organization, offering our programs at no cost to the children, youth and their families we serve due to the generous donations from individuals, organizations and our corporate sponsors. 


Bully  Prevention Program wins International Safety Media Award


On September 21st - The International Safety Media Award (ISMA) was distributed during the 12th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion in Tampere, Finland.


Life Changing Experience Free2B 3D interactive bully prevention program and the revolving doors App got the award for excellence in delivering effectively safety and injury prevention messages.  Read More

Latest Partnerships and Donations

​Dallas Mavericks Partner with CPR 


Dallas Mavericks partner with CPR to bring Free2B (bully prevention) program to students in the Dallas Independent School District.

David Nathan Meyerson Foundation partners with CPR


David Nathan Meyerson Foundation pledges support for the LCE Community Education project to bring Life Changing Experiences to students across the nation.

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